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We are a Mercer County-based group of wine and food
loversórepresenting a cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and culturesówho share a passion for trying different types of foods paired
with the wines that best enhance their flavors.

Throughout the year, we present a series of events open to anyone over age 21, that have been carefully planned by the group’s founder, Chef and wine enthusiast Elizabeth Stelling. Chef Elizabeth is also the founder of CookAppeal, a personal chef and catering business based in Princeton.

Chef Elizabeth researches area restaurants—such as Tre Piani, Zen Palate and Malaga—that are interested in showcasing their culinary expertise. She then works with the chef to create a special tasting menu of dishes not available on the current menu, and pairs the perfect wines that will make the experience even more unique.

Wine pairings are either provided by restaurants with liquor licenses or recommended for bring-your-own venues. Cost is typically all-inclusive and based on the selections offered.

Our goal is simple: to entertain and educate mutually enthusiastic food and wine advocates in a casual, fun and non-intimidating environment., Join us!

The top five reasons you should join our CookAppeal Wine & Food Experience group: 
  1. 1 Can you think of an easier way to meet new friends who enjoy food and wine as much as you do?
  2. 1We will answer food- and wine-related questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, but were afraid to!
  3. 3. Imagine all the delicious homemade exotic and ethnic foods you can enjoy—without making a mess in your kitchen, breaking a sweat OR cleaning up afterwards?
  4. 4. You’ll be introduced to some very sexy Italians (wines)!
  5. 5. One look at our hip logo and you KNOW we’re going to be a fun-loving group!