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Past Events presented by Elizabeth and Robert Stelling

  • Spring Fling Garden Tasting—An evening event that took place in the beautiful garden of a Dallas home and featured light and summery foods and wines.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Tasting—A private-home tasting that included fun and creative Irish-style dishes paired with a variety of beer, at the hosts’ request!

  • Italian and Roman Toga Tasting—A poolside event at a private clubhouse that included Northern and Southern Italian wines and dishes. Togas were optional!

  • Wine Boot Camp—An easy/breezy class to teach beginner to mid-range advocates about the basics of wine tasting and food pairing.

  • Indian Summer—A hands-on cooking class that spotlighted how to create southern Indian-style fusion dishes.

  • Fondue Tasting—Guests toting many family “heirloom” fondue pots recreated old-style fondue classics, which were paired with German and other regional wines.

  • Cajun Cuisine—This event dispelled the myth that Cajun is only about mouth-burning spices and taught attendees that beer and Rieslings aren’t the ONLY great accompaniments!